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GSR-H1000 Model Range *may be updated

The most distinctive specs of GSR-H1000 *Editorial
G-SHOCK Running Watch
(that is the first professional running watch by G-Shock but with the same rugged characteristics and water resistance. It is also a product of both Asics and Casio engineers that collaborated to create a good Japanese Running Watch)
— CMT-S20R-AS Motion Sensor (additional sensor to your watch. Equipped with a 9-axis sensor for measuring 20 types of running form indicators and GPS for measuring distance and pace)
— Running Data (speed via GPS, pace, heart rate, distance etc. All important info for a runner)
— MIP LCD display (informative display with lots of data)
— Runmetrix Smartphone App (coaching service and lots of training possibilities via App)
Optical Heart Rate Monitor (on the watch caseback)

Official Marketing Focus from Casio

Jointly developed with ASICS, which has knowledge, know-how and big data related to sports engineering.
A unique algorithm provides various information useful for running, such as form indicators and improvement advice.

 A motion sensor equipped with a GPS / 9-axis sensor measures the movement of the body during running with high accuracy. Check measurement data in real time by linking with GSR-H1000AS.

The movement during running measured by the motion sensor is evaluated by 6 axes for the characteristics of running and how to use the body, and displayed as a score. It helps you to understand the improvement points.
In addition, you can perform pace analysis, predict the optimum pace and full marathon completion time from the measurement time such as 5/10km, and connect to your own goals and training enhancement.
In addition, the running form is displayed in animation, advice on improvement points, and you can learn how to run efficiently and with less burden.

Choose the practice plan that suits you and manage the schedule and workout menu presented to help you reach your goals efficiently.
Then, based on the analysis of the running form, we explain training and stretching for improvement with videos. It supports the building of a body that produces a stable foam and also helps prevent injuries.

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